Friday, February 19, 2010

Travelpapers is now a CJ Affiliate Member

I signed up for Commission Junction back in 2007 to place affiliate ads through out selected pages. Looking back now, I believe I was two years to soon. My site application was still under development and its not much has changed - Travelpapers is still not where I would it to be however, its closer to the marketing stage of proving the concept.

Commission Junction has a policy if you don't make any affiliate commission within 6 months they will deactivate your account. My account got deactivated twice in the last three years, in order to resign you must register for a new account under a different valid email address.

I'm better positioned to promote my selected affiliate ads this time around with 75% of TID (travelers Itinerary Directory) content populated and ready for users (tourist and local travelers) to access.

In oder for to continue to provide users with free quick, easy access to local city (Toronto) business and travel services profile information - users must see the purpose in supporting advertisers core offerings on the site.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Travelpapers is now on Facebook

I was signing up on Facebook under business organization but somewhere along the line of filling out the form I opened up a personal account. Well, I'm now exposed to the world to see me in person - no more hiding behind %$^*&(&( other entities that makeup fractions of who I am. So, my thought is this "I am one".

I'm still going to open up a business ( Facebook account because that's what the game plan was. In my view social networking is a big part of the new economy and its here to stay.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Travelpapers is now on Twitter

Just signed up twitter account. It seams exciting lots of app and widgets to select from. Actually, I added one on this blog "tweeting about travel things".

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Online Marketing Perspective

A few days ago my up line Adam from iNetGLOBAL called me - providing me with a telephone number of a lady who is interested in operating a business - either as a travel booking agency, franchise or something that allows her to distribute travel tickets as a revenue stream.

As I was speaking with her I started to realize that she was more interested in how internet marketing works but, what I really was present too was how overwhelmed she seamed on everything I was saying. We talk for a good twenty minutes on how revenue is generated on the internet with less of a start-up cost than street level business.

So, this is a quick post for Dorine - "on my perspective of how the Internet works".

Internet marketing is based on numbers and leveraging user activity . The more people on the internet or you can attract the more revenue you can generate.

To generate revenue you should have some sort of presence on the internet - either through a web site, blog, ebook, video, web cast or member of a social network. The more socially adaptable your online presence the better you will fair allowing you a steady stream of residual income around the clock.

Finding the right business concept that is about you and what you can enjoy by building long term happiness, is the hardest part of creating an online presence. The nice thing about the evolutionary time-line of the Internet is for ever changing dynamics. Now, the Internet doesn't just reward those with global or national reach anymore- it's handsomely rewarding niche marketers and local community initiatives. It used to be from local to global advertising exposure... however online users are now becoming more interested in knowing whose around the corner on my street.

Once you have determined your internet portal of choice "I suggest utilizing long tail niche content building" providing a surplus of value for your visitors is key to keeping them coming back to your web presence theme (hobby, interest, knowledge, skill etc).

The fun part of an online business operations is the "MARKETING" of your web presence. There are some many ways to market an online service - if you listen to everything and everyone you will end up "putting on foot in and one foot out - then you do the hokie pokie and you turn self around that's what online marketing is all about... LOL". There is no right or wrong, there is proven and suitable. All marketing efforts generate some sort of user exposure at any baseline of your advertising budget or creativity.

The Biggest knowledge (tactic or strategy) of all your online work and effort leading up to a profitable ROI ( Return On Investment) is having a call to action web presence that turns user - visitors into buyers of your or an affiliate's product or service.

Simply put the majority of web presence on the world wide web is to generate residual revenue streams. I hope I've given you a better idea on "how the Internet works", from a marketing stand point.

You see, my strength is creative conceptualization, I see the vision of concepts good or bad. I developed to fill a market need (niche) in the multibillion dollar travel and hospitality industry. Now that I'm close to the marketing aspect of my company I have chosen iNETGLOBAL as my online marketing department.

iNETGLOBAL provides the most business service and revenue streams than I've looked at or being a part of. As time goes on I will be blogging considerably more on milestones with iNETGLOBAL.

Feel free to leave your comments below or call me @ 1 416 788-1920.

Travelpapers ia now a iNETGLOBAL Membership

I haven't submitted a news release or even talked much about my new membership signing with iNETGLOBAL on January 27th 2010. Bonnie Chang a good incredible lady friend of mine, that has a passion to attend and support a wide range of product and service introductions or promotional launchs - invited me to take a look at iNETGLOBAL back in either the end of October or beginning of November 2009.

Anyways fast forward to today... she never joined but I on the other hand I did three months after thought then and now that iNETGLOBAL's online marketing concept was unique, strategical and possibly adaptable to an new emerging online marketing trend.

Just like core concept iNETGLOBAL also takes into consideration the average population simplistic requirements, power of on/offline user duplication and leveraging capabilities. So, for me it only made sense to be part of riding the wave (fitting promo) with iNETGLOBAL marketing initiatives. Now that I'm a Gold member of iNETGLOBAL at a cost of $2,000.00 (gold member) in my judgment is the most cost effective entry level for me and the most common membership entry.

The good thing about iNETGLOBAL membership is its layered compensation structure (MLM) adjusting to individual or businesses budgeting reach . You can become a consultant member for $59.99 or a higher membership for $5,000.00 or if your budget doesn't accommodate for any capital expenditures you can still join for "FREE" and collect reward points. Its all about what you put in, is exactly what you get out.

For iNETGLOBAL is a good fit for an online market service.